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Proposed measures

Institutional governance

Proposed measure:
Establishing a Gender Equality Body (GEB)
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Establishing a body whose main activity will be to ensure gender equality in UEFISCDI and the implementation and supervision of the Gender Equality Plan


January 2022 – september 2022

Target audience

All employees

Secondary objectives

- Operationalization of GEB
- Investing it with authority


- Organizing internal voting for choosing the members
- Developing functioning mechanism
- Developing procedures for supervizing GEP

Performance indicators

- Short term - +40% of employees participate in the voting process
- Medium term: +75% of actions included in GEP are implemented during the estimated timeframe
- Long term: GEB will be functional after the GEP ends


- 6 members of GEB elected
- 1 functioning mechanism
- 1 annual activity report