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Proposed measures - Human Resources

Working conditions and work-life balance

Proposed measures:
Developing guidelines for employees returning from parental leave
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To help employees returning from parental leave to get accustomed to the recent developments in the institution and the projects they were previously working on


January 2023 – May 2023

Target audience

- Employees returning from parental leave
- Middle managers
- UEFISCDI’s employees
- Other organizations

Secondary objectives

- To reduce by 50% the period needed by an employee recently returned from parental leave to readjust and have the same work efficiency as before leaving
- To reduce the possible stress that an employee has to face due to the fact that when returning he/she is dealing with two simultaneous different situations: regaining their work competences and being a parent


- Research for support materials
- Drafting the informative kit
- Finalizing the informative kit
- Making the kit available to all interested persons

Performance indicators

- Short term: raising awareness about the importance of work life balance
- Medium term: increase employees’ work efficiency and professional satisfaction by 50% in the first 3 months after their return from parental leave
- Long term: when evaluated, more than 70% of UEFISCDI’s employees see an improvement in their work life balance


- One informative kit

The informative kit, targeting the development of soft skills, will be structured in two parts – one dedicated to department managers where we will present a series of tools and instructions to help them better understand the newly -returned employees’ needs. The second part will be dedicated to the employees returning from parental leave and will contain advices, suggestions that will ease their transition to working life. The kit will also contain a set suggestions that will help the manager allocate a dedicated colleague who will provide support and guidance for the returning employee.