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The Gender Equality Plan to be implemented by the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding (UEFISCDI) in the period 2021-2022 is the first step in a broader approach that UEFISCDI is undertaking to promote equality within the institution.
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The Gender Equality Plan is an instrument that, on the one hand, reiterates some of the values that are central to the institution’s governance (such as equality, inclusion, diversity, transparency), and on the other hand proactively responds to challenges to ensure that gender equality principles are upheld in all institutional processes and practices.
Institutional support for gender equality comes as a natural response, as in its role of key actor of the innovation ecosystem, UEFISCDI is highly interested in social responsibility, and this role is strongly based on equal opportunities between women and men. Increased attention to gender equality issues reinforces the fact that UEFISCDI recognizes that men and women have equally important professional roles, in a context of equal opportunities, regardless of their area of activity or hierarchical level, and therefore have diverse experiences and perspectives, thus bringing a complex approach within the organization. Gender equality is a corollary of equal rights and freedoms and guarantees equal opportunities. It also enhances the development of skills and the acquisition of new knowledge, by including everyone, regardless of gender, promoting a better and more motivating work environment and, consequently, higher levels of productivity and satisfaction among employees. UEFISCDI is therefore committed to ensuring the promotion and incorporation of a culture of diversity and inclusion based on respect and equal opportunities. Such a culture, integrated in the institution’s identity, will serve as a reference for the organization’s internal and external activities.

UEFISCDI is among the first public institutions in Romania to undertake the elaboration and implementation of a Gender Equality Plan. The process began in 2020 with an internal analysis of how gender equality is addressed within the institution and an overview of the national legislative framework. Following this internal analysis, the working group proposed a series of measures aimed at addressing those institutional issues that would have ensured more equal opportunities within the organization. These measures were tested in several meetings, both with institutional partners, as well as with the UEFISCDI management team, and the feedback was used in the drafting of a series of actions that formed the basis of this Gender Equality Plan.

The current Gender Equality Plan was developed within the EU CALIPER project in which UEFISCDI is a partner. UEFISCDI is also a piloting platform, so our initiative will help us to apply and learn, and you to initiate your own discussions on this topic, to experiment and, finally, to learn together.