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Proposed measures

Innovation ecosystem

Proposed measure:
Implementing quotas/targets in speaker panels at the events
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- Increasing the representation of women in speaker panels


September 2021 – December 2021

Target audience

Speakers invited at Innovation Café events

Secondary objectives

- to increase women’s visibility in the Romanian innovation ecosystem
- to increase the number of women speakers by 50%
- to increase the number of topics related to gender equality by 50%


- Elaborate guidelines on the topic
- Establish quotas for each event (depending on subject)
- Promote the implementation of quotas at events
- Propose a list of topics related to gender equality to be addressed in the Innovation Café events

Performance indicators

- Short & medium term: when evaluated, more than 50% participants at Innovation Café events are able to identify a substantial increase in gender equality topics
- Long term: An increase by 50% of women participation at events


One guideline drafted