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Proposed measures

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Proposed measures:
Training on gender equality addressed to research projects evaluators
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Ensure that when evaluating projects with a gender component, evaluators are able to recognize this component and do not misinterpret it or mis-judge it as ‘ideological’


January 2023 – December 2023

Target audience

Evaluators of projects financed by UEFISCDI

Secondary objectives

- developing informative materials on how evaluation may be subject to gender discrimination


- research on examples and best practices on gender-sensitive project evaluation
- drafting of informative kits regarding gender equality and how gender equality should be approached when evaluating research projects
- organizing training sessions / online video trainings

Performance indicators

- Short and medium-term: >80% of evaluators take aprt in the training sessions and go through the information kits
- Long term: a 50% decrease in the number of misinterpretations affecting the evaluation process


One informative kit, one information session/video material