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Proposed measures

Institutional communication

Proposed measure:
Developing an informative gender sensitive communication kit
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To ensure that all institutional communication, both internal and external, is gender sensitive


September 2021 – January 2022

Target audience

All employees in the communication department

Secondary objectives

- Adopt protocols regarding gender sensitive communication and the use of an inclusive and indiscriminatory language
- Training addressed to employees on how to recognize language leading to discrimination and on indiscriminatory communication instruments
- Improving internal and external institutional communication skills


- Research on gender sensitive communication kits and best practice examples
- Developing the informative kit
- Adopting protocols for internal and external communication
- Organizing a training session
- Evaluation of the knowledge gained by participants in the training session

Performance indicators

- Short term: >25% of employees enrolled in the programme
- Middle term: increase by 50% the number of participants that become aware of their abilities and acknowledge whether these abilities are put to best use
- Long term: when evaluated, more than- Short term: +10 candidates express their interest for GEB
- Medium term: more than 75% of the performance indicators in the GEP are attained
- Long term: GEB remains operational even after the GEP’s implementation 60% of the participants agree that their skills are put to best use


- One informative kit
- One training session