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“UEFISCDI is one of the first Romanian public institutions to undertake the implementation of a Gender Equality Plan. Through this initiative, we aim to continue the role of innovators that we have assumed and try to be a best practice model for other institutions in Romania, public or private. But, beyond setting an example, we wish to start a dialogue with our partners on this extremely serious subject, which has long been left behind our interests and actions: gender equality in Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) in Romania. It is time to admit that we will be able to reach our potential in RDI only if we manage to transform it into an inclusive environment, because equality, diversity and inclusion are the pillars of a healthy culture of innovation. RDI is a dynamic and diverse domain that should be accessible to everyone and addressed to everyone. It is diversity that can open new horizons in a field, often difficult to predict, and in which success may come by walking off the beaten track and may take extremely diverse forms; and equality and inclusive environments are indispensable to diversity. By recognizing and cultivating as many interactions as possible, we will broaden our knowledge, we will better understand the world around us and we will be able to find better solutions to the problems we face as individuals, organizations, communities or nations.

UEFISCDI is committed to upholding and promoting these values, including by means of this Gender Equality Plan, and this initiative is a small step we are taking in tackling a major issue, in understanding inequalities, eliminating imbalances and barriers, so as to ensure equal opportunities and rights for all.

I would like to thank my colleagues who devoted their passion and determination into the drafting of this document, our CALIPER project partners who guided us in designing this gender equality plan, the committee members who will oversee the plan’s implementation and will monitor the actions, and the partners from the Romanian society who have already shown their support and openess.

I conclude with a manifest-invitation addressed to everyone who is a member of the RDI and innovation entrepreneurship community. Diversity and an inclusive environment matter to the entire society. Let's act together as a transformational force”

Adrian Curaj, general director of UEFISCDI