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Principles and
courses of action

In the fight against inequalities and towards the elimination of imbalances and barriers, in order to ensure equal rights and opportunities, UEFISCDI has assumed a set of principles to guide the entire process:
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• Inclusion - promoting an inclusive culture based on respect for dignity, equality, differences, and on the fight against stereotypes, discrimination, harassment and violence (in any form)
• Diversity - promoting mutual respect and a framework that integrates cultural, religious or ideological differences; undertaking initiatives that enhance the understanding of diversity and, consequently, promote the transfer of knowledge
• Gender equality - promoting at institutional level practices and policies that ensure a balanced representation at all levels of decision
• Equality - promoting institutional processes that ensure equal opportunities, as well as equal and efficient access one’s career in the institution (from recruitment to career development)
• Work-life balance - promoting individual or collective measures that reconcile family life with professional life
• Transparency and integrity - development of practices to ensure institutional transparency by applying the principles of excellence, equal opportunities and diversity
• Freedom - developing and encouraging critical and creative thinking by protecting freedom of expression; promoting a healthy and safe working environment
• Personal development - supporting the achievement of individual potential by promoting personalized measures